Take advantage of every minute you have to sleep and not worry about waking up late

This wonderful alarm clock combines the snooze function with your daily routine, allowing you to manage both at once. So you can sleep up to the very last minute and not worry about waking up late.

Now available for iPhone & iPod Touch

More time for you and always on time

Being on time is important, that's why arise and shine shows you with sound and visuals how much time you have use from your daily routine.

Music has been specially designed to gradually increase it's intensity. The background changes colors, so that you can know it all with just a peek.

Mornings are not all the same, your alarm shouldn't be either

Our morning routines change constantly, ordinary alarm clocks don't.

With just a simple swipe gesture you can have access to your daily routine, you could adjust the time you wake up disabling or enabling any of your daily task.

Arise & Shine is easy to set up

Just set the time you wake up and the days of the week, add your daily morning routine, chose the music you like and you are done.

Simple, beautiful and functional design.